Our experience

Transformation of a Specialised Investment Fund into a holding company;

Establishment of a Specialised Investment Fund for private wealth management purposes;

Advice on the set-up of a SICAR (venture capital investment vehicle) for real estate projects in Central Europe;

Restructuring of a large range of funds of hedge funds, across all strategies;

Establishment and structuring of an umbrella fund combining long-only and long-short equity strategies in Africa and Asia;

Representing an asset manager in the design of a tax transparent vehicle for UK investors;

Securitisation of mortgages originated in the Baltic countries arranged for leading US bank;

Synthetic securitisation arranged for a New York investment bank;

Listing of bonds and shares on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange;

Representation of one joint venture partner during the negotiation process with the other partner in view of the termination of the joint venture;

Representation in court of a Jersey trustee against a Luxembourg bank attempting an attachment procedure against trust assets held by the trustee for the benefit of a Belgian high net worth individual residing in an offshore jurisdiction;

Advice on the taxation aspect of a complex holding structure for high net worth individuals;

Tax optimization of income generated from intellectual property rights;

Estate planning scheme for non-resident clients holding investments in various jurisdictions;

Advice on and drafting of a share purchase agreement for the acquisition by a Belgian pharmaceutical company of various businesses in Europe via a Luxembourg Special Purpose Vehicle.